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EV Charge Partner creates operational reliability for public charging stations. We are a company with high skills within, maintenance, repair and configuration of chargers.
By signing a support agreement with us, we can guarantee you agreed actions and setup times.


We always start by checking the basic installation at the site. Then we check the installed charger according to the manufacturer's requirements. We also do a functional check with our test instruments and perform charge tests with our hybrid cars. Everything is documented in our service management program that the customer then gets in the form of a commissioning protocol.


In order to avoid unnecessary disturbances, it is important to regularly perfom maintainance on the charging station. In addition, several manufacturers require that this be done to ensure their warranty commitments. As a certified service partner to several of the major manufacturers, we follow each chargers unique service plan using our service management program.

If you have signed a support agreement with us, the annual maintenance is included and we will perform it within the time limits set by the manufacturer's warranty conditions.


Sometimes the charging station stops working. It can be  a small bug in communication between the charging station and the car or backend system. Or it can get hit by a vehicle or unfortunately also sometimes vandalized.

You can make an error report of a charging station with us  in many different ways. Create report here. If the charger is connected to the internet, we can perform troubleshooting via remote. If you have a  support agreement, you are guaranteed a time for initial support and on-site support.

We offer CSR Service (Charger Replacment Service), which means delivery of replacement charger in case the charging station can not be repaired on site. We take care of the return of the broken charger and we repair it in our own workshop.

We will of course help you even if you do not have a support agreement. You will then get an estimated time for the support from our service coordinator.


The infrastructure for electric vehicles is growing rapidly  and conditions change. We can upgrade your existing charging stations to suit your users current needs.

If you have an installed charging station, it's usually more cost-effective to upgrade than installing new chargers.
Examples of upgrades may be to install RFID reader, MID meter to measure kW, and 4G modem to connect the charging station to a backend solution. If you need to change anything with your backend solution, we can help you with this as well.

We work with fixed prices for different standard upgrades and always define and offer the entire specific assignment.

Sign a Support agreement

We can offer our customers support agreements, which means that for each specific charging station you have regulated terms and conditions for support and setup times in case of malfunction. The support agreement includes an annual preventive maintenance and we are responsible for it being executed within the warranty period that is conditioned by the manufacturer.

Our clients are manufacturers, owners and operators of charging infrastructure.